CSS Advisory’s revenue & cost relief services will assist your organization to fully comprehend and understand financially the real (actual) cost of your claims and the premiums you pay to the WSIB.

Our professional staff will provide precise and concise projections of your experience rating system (ie., CAD-7, NEER and MAPP) in order to estimate the actual cost of each claim for your company. This process will enable your organization to make more informed judgements relating to claims management and to fully comprehend the monetary impact on your WSIB Experience Rating.

CSS Advisory will forensically review your current WSIB classification rates which directly impact the premiums you pay to WSIB. A substantial amount of premium savings for your company may result because of this review. Historically in some scenarios, a classification rate change would result in economic relief and savings of more than 75% of your current premiums.

We believe and trust that our services provide peace-of-mind. If your organization is audited by the WSIB, we will provide an audit preparation service which entails a “mock” audit and report detailing any notes or discrepancies relating to your WSIB premium reporting and classification level.

CSS Advisory will properly inform you of all related policies, legislation and laws pertaining to these matters. Our representation at the audit meeting/review on your behalf will allow you to concentrate on business.

CSS Advisory is committed to building a working relationship with our clients. Please take a moment to view our videos. Get to know us today!

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  • Client Testimonials

    “CSS Advisory is a tremendous asset in ensuring compliance and understanding of Ontario’s Health and Safety and WSIB laws/regulations. We highly recommend them to any company wishing to reach these goals.”

    CEO of large infrastructure construction company