CSS Advisory provides a wide array of occupational health & safety services addressing the needs and requirements of the private and public sector(s). Whether you require safety monitoring, forensic hazard audits, safety policies, procedures and program development, OH&S compliance intervention or safety training and education, your organization’s diligent attention to safety is paramount and critical.

Our highly accredited, professional facilitators provide:

  • countless years of experience and know how
  • forensic on-site evaluations
  • safety program analysis
  • risk assessment and recovery
  • safety monitoring
  • and more…

Industry First SafetyMentoring®

CSS Advisory’s team of highly accredited and recognized safety specialists have transcended all 3 levels of work experience i.e., worker (foreman), management (supervisor) and owner.  Our cumulative experiences offer the framework for thorough and thought provoking safety advice and tutoring (taking someone who wants to learn under our wing).  This morphed into SafetyMentoring®

With our dedicated intervention and presence with your organization, we offer a unique and original pro-active safety mentoring partnership.  This entails behind the scenes safety support, professional diligent on-the-job training for “designated safety supervisors”.

Can’t afford or budget for a full-time fully credentialed and certified health & safety professional?  CSS Advisory will help you “grow and nurture”your own.  We will develop a carefully specific and tailored mentoring plan for your organization and will then work closely with your designated employee(s) to implement and maintain a flourishing health & safety system and culture.

CSS Advisory is committed to building a working relationship with our clients. Please take a moment to view our videos. Get to know us today!

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  • Client Testimonials

    “CSS Advisory, with their industry first “Safety Mentoring”, has been the catalyst and impetus our company required to achieve full safety compliance while reducing our monthly health & safety costs. I highly recommend CSS Advisory.”

    CFO of award winning high rise constructor