Regular inspections of a workplace/job site to identify hazardous conditions or practices is an integral component of any highly successful occupational health and safety program.  Through a forensic examination of the workplace/job site, CSS Advisory’s highly accredited safety professionals will:

  • identify existing and potential hazards
  • determine underlining causes of hazards
  • monitor tangible hazard controls i.e., policies, procedures, engineering, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • consolidate all pertinent information gathered to study, develop, implement, monitor and maintain specific safety protocols
  • recommend and implement necessary corrective action, where applicable

CSS Advisory will conduct necessary orientations for all management, supervisory and working staff.  A properly instructed “safety orientation” is the most important communication tool that management can utilize to clearly state the safety expectations and responsibilities of any employer/contractor.  An onsite safety orientation will ensure that all parties will be able to identify, communicate and control hazards.

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  • Client Testimonials

    “Dealing with CSS Advisory, they definitely set the benchmark for personalized customer service in the health & safety industry.”

    President of a highly recognizable Masonry employer in Ontario