Protect your job site, your employees and your business

Established in 2000, CSS Advisory is a leading “complete service” occupational health & safety consulting and management organization with highly accredited health & safety professionals and licensed paralegals bringing in-depth industry experience to the team. The mandate of our organization is to provide employers with affordable professional Occupational Health & Safety Services, strategic WSIB Claims Management and Education and Training (including our “industry first” SafetyMentoring®). We believe in “building a pro-active partnership with our clients.”

CSS Advisory is experienced in developing comprehensive health and safety training programs customized to meet your unique job site/workplace needs. As your friend and partner in health and safety, we develop programs that not only save lives and reduce injuries, but also reduce insurance premiums, mitigate fines and government intervention. A thorough and well-planned/executed safety culture helps improve company productivity, employee morale and camaraderie. Employers and their employees will ultimately benefit from this enhanced relationship.

 Re-active Benefits

  • Complete health & safety program development and implementation, which will allow your workplace/job site to comply with the specific requirements and criteria of a WSIB Workwell Audit
  • Forensic incident/accident investigation to discover the actual cause and to prevent a recurrence
  • Advise and manage Ministry of Labour (Provincial Offences Officers) orders issued and cost efficient strategy implementation to fully comply with those orders
  • Complete and comprehensive WSIB Claims Management, including the development and subsequent integration of an ESRTW (Early Safe Return to Work) sector specific program, creating the total impact of the incident/accident to be mitigated, thus reducing unnecessary expenditures

Pro-active Benefits

  • Affiliate your business to cost efficient resources available from the diverse Safe Workplace Associations in your jurisdiction
  • Evaluation of current/existing occupational health & safety policy, program and procedure
  • Modify or completely develop an affordable and cost effective health & safety management system, unique to your industry/business
  • Coordinate and manage your WSIB program
  • Identify, strategize and implement a working model to maximize savings and rebates under the NEER, CAD-7 and MAPP experience rating systems
  • Educate/train your management, supervisory and working staff
CSS Advisory is committed to building a working relationship with our clients. Please take a moment to view our videos. Get to know us today!

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  • Client Testimonials

    "CSS Advisory took the time to understand our business. They implemented the necessary protocols we required to achieve compliance. They always deliver what they promise. Highly affordable and extremely dependable!"

    President of a leading Ontario general contractor